Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why is April soooo busy?????

The last week has been both amazing and busy.
I love all the creativity going on and am thrilled to have a chance to soak it all in. For example, check out this gorgeous cuff by TocadoraLeather!

Toca uses recycled materials to make the bases of her cuffs then adorns them with all kinds of wonderful things. In the one above she has used one of my enameled gears (which by the way, was kinda her idea just so you all know!). Toca invited me to collaborate with her several month ago and we have now become best buds and inspire each other every chance we get!

My personal favorite at the moment is:

but if I linger too long in her shop I will have many many more than would fit on this here little blog of mine!

Ok, folks.... I hope this finds you all healthy and in the sun!


  1. What a fabulous collaboration, Heather. The leather cuff is the perfect foil for that enameled gear of yours.