Saturday, March 26, 2011

New work can redirect your focus

This past winter was challenging but I found being in the studio every day made me focus on new work AND helped the dark days fly by. Out of those wonderful days came 2 new designs.

In the photo you see one of the new ideas I have been kicking around. While playing with Raku one day I noticed that the tennis ball toy we were playing with was rattling. You know those toys that have a tennis ball with a big rope through the middle? Well, inside that tennis ball are these amazing cut outs that were screaming to be set in silver! Who was I to disagree right?

So, off I went to the studio and the next afternoon I had my first pair of "Recycled Tennis Ball Parts" earrings. Thus far I have purple, chartreuse and orange "parts" and I am keeping my eye out for new and fun colors.

The second new design involves Bubble shapes. These guys are addictive to make my friends. I can spend hours and hours shaping the tiny circles, soldering them closed and then playing with the layout of each piece. Please take a look in my Etsy shop to see these fun pieces if you have a free minute.

Let me know what you think!